Welcome to Ansymo

Ansymo is a research group at the University of Antwerp investigating foundations, techniques, methods and tools for the design, analysis and maintenance of software-intensive systems. The nature of these systems, has changed considerably in the last few years: Firstly, the availability of more computational resources, including parallel computation and interactive behavior has enabled one to tackle ever more complex applications. Secondly, the need to consider interactions of software with physical components has led to the study of hybrid systems, adding even more complexity. Finally, the view that a software system is a static entity has given way to the view that software needs evolve, i.e., that changes in requirements or platforms can be accommodated easily. Read more...

The Ansymo group consists of three research labs:

  • FOTS - Formal Techniques in Software Engineering, headed by Prof. dr. Dirk Janssens
  • LORE - Lab On REengineering, headed by Prof. dr. Serge Demeyer
  • MSDL - Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab, headed by Prof. dr. Hans Vangheluwe
    MSDL is both part of the Ansymo group and of the School of Computer Science at McGill University, Canada.


Ansymo group photo